donate We have DELIGHTFUL AND UNIQUE Cats and Dogs who are waiting to show you what SPECIAL means. So many times, cats and dogs who have been abandoned just need someone who will have a bit more patience and understanding while they adjust to a new family life.

Because we don’t first evaluate before rescuing, we sometimes have shy/bashful pets who will need a gentle but firm understanding family. Unlike some groups, we believe that there are special folks out there who will and can give our special needs pets the life they deserve. If you are one of those special folks, we have a special pet for you. Just ask us!

We have both a PayPal account (overall operating expenses) and a GoFundMe account (specific expenses).

Please check out some beautiful cats and dogs who given the chance will add so much to your family.

We continue to battle unexpected expenses and as everyone knows between vet bills, food, first aid, medicines, toys, blankets, towels, etc can be quite hard to manage on a tight budget.

Any assistance you can offer to help buffer vet bills and animal care expense is greatly appreciated.