Van Gogh Needs Help – VET BILLS!

Van Gogh Needs Help – VET BILLS!

If Van Gogh could speak: “I remember being outside the pound and hearing talk about what to do with me: if I were dumped at the pound, they would not give me any pain medicine or antibiotics for my torn ear for at least three days (their policy on strays) and then kill me (shiver). If I were taken to the humane society, there they might give me medicine, but probably would kill me (shiver again) because I am not one of those little fuzzy dogs.

The people who had found me running around with a pit bull decided to let Robin Hood Animal Rescue take me. Since that day, I not only had my ear re-attached, but I have been fixed.

I am so happy now!!!

Now I bounce around whenever I can!!! You should see me running around with the other dogs, both bigger and smaller than me.

I am now ready for my new family to find me and adopt me.

Then I can love them, and of course show them how thankful I am to not only have my ear still, but to be able to be loved and to love.”